Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant to Open In Winnipeg

Back in August Minneapolis-based Buffalo Wings restaurant announced they were opening in Canada including Winnipeg.

This week, the chain broke ground on their first restaurant in Oshawa. They are expected top open in May while completing other Ontario land deals for more locations.

Buffalo Wild Wings owns or franchises 730 sites in 44 states. The sports-friendly spots serve fried chicken wings with 18 different sauces and seasonings, including the sticky, spicy wings associated with Buffalo, N.Y. Other casual fare also is available.

Sometimes this year, they will be looking to open their first Winnipeg location. Given their sports connection over the years, could we be seeing them on Pembina Highway near the new stadium or downtown near the MTS Centre?

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that Buffalo Wild Wings would be opening up in the new IKEA development.

John Dobbin said...

It certainly is possible. They are well under way tearing down the Clarke trucking depot and Zirino's is down the metal frame.

It won't be long till they grade the whole area for site preparation.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite restuarants in the US I would be soooo happy if they came here.

Anonymous said...

Great US restaurant. Hope we don't water it down here in Canada as we often seem to do.

Adam said...

When is it opening? Its July 2012 and they announced this a year and a half ago...

John Dobbin said...

The last word I heard is that they are looking at the places where Ikea or where the old stadium is coming down.

Delays in stadium construction have pushed back plans.

The lure of Ikea is probably what kept Bed, Bath and Beyond from starting construction right away as well.

Ikea is well under way. A&W is under construction across the street this week.

Taylor Parker said...

I have been wanting a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in oshawa for such a long time! I love Buffalo Wild Wings. At first, I didn't think that I would. But one of my friends absolutely loved it and insisted on taking me out one night to give it a try. I'm so glad that she did! I had the spicy wild wings, and they are worth every firey bite! I of course, had to order a ton of Dr. Pepper to get the sting to go away, but it was so yummy!

Anonymous said...

A Canadian alternative while you wait..

Wild Wing

Winnipeg Facebook Page
Winnipeg Twitter
Instagram: @wildwing204

Little Bones Wingery food truck is also great:

Facebook Page

Starrs said...

I can't wait!! Wild Wing is one of my favorite places to go when I travel to Ontario. Definitley going to be there every weekend when they open up in Winnipeg!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Have opened in IKEA complext next to the new Fatburger. Hope they are great ... haven't tried them yet.

W said...

Any more word on this story??