Tuesday, October 5, 2010

River Heights-Active Transportation Part 5

Grosvenor Avenue from the lane behind Centennial Street. Westworth Church people sometimes park as far as this point to go to the church (the left side of the picture is where parking is allowed). For events like a rummage sale or tea, the entire street can be filled. By all accounts the small section from Centennial to the lane still has parking allowed. The section from Centennial to Beaverbrook Street appears to be no parking.

Grosvenor Avenue looking back from Centennial Street. Stripes have no been painted on this section as of Monday where people received parking tickets.

I haven't heard back from Olikow's office since speaking to the assistant this morning. The area where people received tickets west of Beaverbrook Street now has stripes painted on it indicating it is part of the bike path. A no parking sign is in place there.

The area between Beaverbrook Street and Lanark Street which is the block where Westworth Street is has no stripes on it and the no parking sign is gone but the post where the sign was hung remains. There is stripe markings on the road indicating that it was supposed to be painted along with the rest of Grosvenor this Monday.

I will have to take an actual picture of it because people are going to have a hard time believing the set-up. The bike path strip runs the length of Grosvenor to Lanark Street and then re-starts on Beaverbrook Street.

The church looks to lose the parking from Beaverbrook west to Centennial Street. Not sure how many slots that is but figure several or more. There are more spots west of Centennial that appear to still allow parking.

If this sounds confusing, it is. The no parking restrictions on Grosvenor run all the way from Cambridge Street to Lanark and then stops for a block and then resumes at Beaverbrook and stops the very next street.

Here's an idea: Allow parking all the way from Lanark Street to the CN line. The bike path, the church and traffic in the area can co-exist. Don't try and kill the church by ending parking that they have had since the 1950s.

Edit: I just checked this Tuesday morning and there are no parking signs from Centennial Street to the lane. Took lots of pictures and will put them up this afternoon.

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