Monday, October 4, 2010

River Heights-Active Transportation Part 4

CTV's new story on Harrow and Academy active transportation barricade.

Update: John Orlikow's office contacted me this morning. They are talking to the Parking Authority today. I'll hear more later on but let's hope that the church will stop being targeted by the Parking Authority.

The Winnipeg Free Press had a story today on the whole issue. I am quoted in the article although I should emphasize, I am not a spokesman for the church. I had informed some in the church about the potential problems I saw with the active transportation route. However, I don't think anyone would have dreamed it could result in the church being targeted as it is now.

The Great Canadian Talk Show has an extensive article on their web page about what has been happening with active transportation and River Heights is featured in the discussion. Sam Katz is one of the featured interviews starting at 4 pm on the radio show. I will have to catch it later on as I am working right when it happens. However, people can tune in on their radios at 92.9 FM or on their TVs if they have MTS TV. It is Red River College channel 724.

Let's hope the mayor doesn't just blame councillors for the problems of active transportation. It is obvious he has the power to stop projects when he wants to.

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