Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Heights-Active Transportation Part 3

Grosvenor, looking west from Beaverbook Street. The old CN Rail line is in the distance. This is not a through-street. Westworth United Church has used this section for parking since the 1950s.

Well, parking tickets were indeed issue at Westworth United Church this Sunday after assurances that they wouldn't be. Hard to say what the total number of church goers who were ticketed but on the street west of Beaverbrook, there is room for around 15 cars.

The terms "mean spirited" were used. Anger of the rawest kind is being expressed and fear that the church's viability is being threatened by being targeted by Parking Authority vehicles.

The mayor has given no response to this issue. The councillor of the area has had their assistant look into this but now things have gone well beyond looking in to. The tickets should be quashed and a definitive statement made about parking around the church.

If the city's goal is to drive the church out of the neighbourhood, they should please say so.

On Sunday there was a bike group along Grosvenor that the media was covering. I'd be curious if a vigilant Parking Authority was ticketing everything they could find on the street.

People at the church, who are mostly genial and forgiving, would like to have someone turfed for this. They have been talking about elected official and the bureaucrats being responsible.

Sam Katz: Is anyone at your office dealing with this? Why have you not gotten back to the church on this issue?

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