Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Manitoba Government Advertising Campaign

I expect we will see a full swing for the fences ad campaign from the provincial NDP government in the next months.

You have probably seen their Jeff and Jane ads.

I find it not unlike the federal Conservative ad campaign of Canada's Action Plan.

Instead, we see the ad branding of Manitoba Moves Forward. Expect to see a huge influx of ads this year pushing a feel good message with the NDP hoping it rubs off on them.

Here is one fact that people will have to get their head around. Deficit.

Much like the federal plan to slay the deficit, the provincial plan looks to 2014 very optimistically.

With a provincial election coming up in one year, expect a lot of spending and not a lot of cutting.

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And expect to see more ads. Lots of them.


PLP said...

They should have used Sam and Judy, not Jane and Jeff...

John Dobbin said...

ha! Wonder how those commercials would have looked like?