Friday, October 29, 2010

Flumist in Manitoba

Why can't I get a flu mist vaccine for the flu in Manitoba?

I'll admit it. I hate needles. I submit to them hesitantly. I'd rather have a hockey stick used to draw blood. I can accept that. It is very Canadian.

I will get a needle if I really, really have to but I looked with envy at the U.S. that has had flu mist for several years.

Now, it is offered in Canada. But can I find it in Manitoba? No. I have looked all over the place.

How is it that our provincial NDP government can't initiate a vaccine change that might up the percentage of Manitobans getting vaccinated?

I am not one of those people resistant to the idea of vaccinations. I think they are important. However, I would like an option available to Canadians and Americans that doesn't seem to be available here.

Message to Theresa Oswald: Get some flu mist vaccine in the province! I'll be down right away for it.

I'll get a flu shot if I have to but why can't you get off your duffs and get this vaccine which is approved for Canada?

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