Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Endorsement for the Elections Part 3

I am in Ward 1 in the Pembina Trails school division.

There is very little coverage of the campaign. I have looked at all the information on the trustees and thankfully the four who have run all filled out questionnaires.

There are three positions to fill.

My personal view is that education should be funded through provincial revenues instead of property tax. Until that happens, I have to judge how well the trustees have managed finances. Pembina Trails has been than some an still have to deal with the province in terms of interference. Chapman School would have closed were it not for the province.

I look at the property tax issue and generally how well the division is being run and find no major fault that would see my turf the present trustees.

Jim Komenda doesn't appear to be too bad a candidate but I see no reason why I should not vote the present group back in.

I therefore will be voting for:

Gail Watson
Dianne Zuk
Gerry Melnyk

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