Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Endorsement for the Elections Part 2

Seven candidates is a lot. Charleswood-Tuxedo is an open race. Anyone who says they know how this might end is only guessing. There might be an advantage for one or two candidates but there are too many unknown factors in the ward.

How will Whyte Ridge vote? I have no idea. It is such a new area. Who caught their imagination? I have no idea.

In my area, you can see signs for all candidates side by side. Does that tell me anything at all? Not a bit.

I have tried to be completely open in this campaign. I have done profiles on every candidate in this election. If any reader hasn't decided yet, please look for yourself. I tried to be fair.

I attended one of the main debates and I have written a summary of the other debate in detail.

In the last election, I voted for Livio Ciarelli over Bill Clement. I did this because development was approved along Kenaston without service roads, because money that was borrowed when he was counsellor in the 1980s for infrastructure was only paid for in the last months.

This time I am not voting for Livio Ciarelli. He has put forward a strong effort but he has been abrasive and insulting and I don't know if that is going to work in City Hall.

Wendy Lenton has been not too bad in the debates but she has not broken through in a meaningful way.

Steve Szego has likewise not jumped out with something that makes him the candidate who will excite the public.

Dashi Zargani had some very honest answers in his questionnaire but he was absent at the first debate and in the second debate he was a little flat and a bit vague.

Timothy Martin was also honest but was inconsistent in terms of putting some detail on his platform.

Paula Havixbeck had the slickest campaign but her tough as nails on crime consisted of following her union backed suggestions from fire and police services. I feared her promises could not be paid for.

In the end, I am supporting Jarret Hannah. He was the most genial, had some honest answers. I was disappointed he didn't answer my questionnaire but I heard and saw enough that I thought he would be an independent voice and would honestly represent the ward.

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Anonymous said...

Then you don't know Jarrett...LOL....at least vote for Timothy. He's dealt with contracts at a level that will leave your boy gasping for air.

This is the best laugh I've had all day.

John Dobbin said...

I found Timothy Martin to be a decent person but there was a tendency to drift to vagueness.

I found you to be far too abrasive and at times insulting to see it working at City Hall. I think this response sort of shows that.

Anonymous said...

Whatever John, at least i had the respect to respond to your questions, all what, 25 or 30 of them, but ya, i didn't answer your "fun" double dozen.

But you did make me laugh.

John Dobbin said...

Think I had the respect to give all candidates the opportunity to respond to questions in their own words and publish them unedited.

Think I was eminently fair about it.

I hadn't made up my mind on any candidate until the last minute and gave it careful thought.

Certainly I don't expect anger or insults as a result. My opinion is just one that is out there and the election could go any way.

It is best just to move on and not worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Anger Insults, ahh John, you are making stuff up again. But its your blog, and I but one.

Where does laughter equate with anger ???? Don't know, but ya, move on.

( oh, your vote will cost Community Centers and volunteers 288 Thousand...and did i tell you about the Harte Trail...yup...your "man" folded, at least Paula had the balls to match my 13 G's to resurface the whole thing. )

John Dobbin said...

I don't want to bribed with my own money. I don't want councillors using a slush fund to get elected.

Your reaction really speaks for itself.