Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Danger of Construction Sites

Brittany Murray, 21, killed at a construction site by reckless driver.

It is surprising it doesn't happen more often. Drivers in Manitoba do not slow down for construction sites.

We see the dangers in Winnipeg along Taylor Avenue and along Sterling Lyon and Route 90. In fact, there isn't a road or highway in the province that doesn't see angry, frustrated and completely reckless driving on the part of drivers.

And now we see a young woman killed.

Some are blaming the age of the driver. While that might have been a factor, it doesn't explain why people of various ages drive too fast and too reckless for the road conditions when construction workers are present.

Police and authorities seem reluctant to crack the whip on enforcement.

While additional policing seems necessary, construction companies should be required to use better signage and lighting to show the danger on the road. It seems Winnipeg has fewer and fewer construction lights. Try driving down Route 90/Kenaston and not be a bit nervous about taking out a barrel.

My sympathies to the family of the girl who was killed. Perhaps the city and the province will try and make things safer for those doing road work.

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