Thursday, October 14, 2010

City Election and River Heights Part 1

It is getting pretty ugly in River Heights. Accusations and counter accusations are flying.

Some are looking at the connection of Sandy Shindleman, Sam Katz and Michael Kowalson.

The dispute about active transportation has given Kowalson an opportunity to hold John Orlikow accountable. The problem is that his people have tried to make it look like the protest organized on Wednesday was a spontaneous thing from concerned citizens rather than an event arranged by his office. The Winnipeg Sun named him jerk of the day.

John Orlikow has filed a complaint about the flyer that went out in support of the protest at Waverley Street and Grosvenor Avenue.

Meanwhile, anonymous posters are trying to enlist bloggers to investigate Orlikow for some sort of fraud.

River Heights is no stranger to dirty fights but I can't recall so many attempts by one side or the other to suggest outright corruption.

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