Sunday, October 24, 2010

City Election and Charleswood Part 9

Livio Ciarelli, candidate for Charleswood-Tuxedo

Livio Ciarelli is one of seven candidates running in the Charleswood-Tuxedo ward. By profession he is an industrial draftsman and is a business owner.

The website Livio has put up is one of the more detailed ones of all the candidates. He is also no stranger to social media, blogging and Winnipeg forums.

In his letter to the electorate, Livio has said that he will spend every cent of his $288,000 ward allowance in the ward rather than on expenses her incurs in the ward. In his mission statement, he says he will commit to:

A Constitution that will declare, Winnipeg, the biggest and most important City in the Province has the right to its own Destiny. That right requires we have independence in our choices. The power, respect and funding to achieve our goals are the three elements that will define us.

1) Power: the Power to define our future and exercise control over our destiny.
2) Respect: the Respect that We are able to manage our own affairs.
3) Funding: an appropriate amount to meet our objectives.

In terms of ward initiatives, he lists these as his primary concerns:

1. Commit full Councilor Allowance to Ward Activities.
I won’t waste one penny on myself.
2. Setup a volunteer Councilor's Advisory Board to address Ward issues.
3. Speed up new Fire/Paramedic Station Construction in Charleswood.
4. Engage Public Works in Street Renewals & Repairs.
5. Establish a Dedicated Wilkes Bus Route.
6. Establish “Kids’ Vegetable Patch” sites throughout the Ward.
7. Establish Spring and Fall Sports Classics (Soccer and Football).
8. Review Police Presence in the Community.
9. Commit to meeting with all Community Clubs, Sports Groups, Seniors, & Student body’s on a regular basis.

On municipal initiatives, he lists these priorities:

1. Initiate discussion on a Winnipeg Constitution.
2. Investigate a new Progressive Funding Formula based on our Constitution.
3. Review Residential Taxation and what impact a new Funding Formula would have.
4. Communicate with Civil Service to address efficiencies and moral.
5. Investigate new sources of Revenue.
6. Call for Term Limits.
7. Eliminate the need for EPC.
8. Begin discussions on a perpetual Funding Formula for Community Centres and Wards.
9. Define how Ratepayers should be addressed by City Management, Including 311.
10. Re-Address Veolia, BRT/LRT, Stadium, Red Light Camera’s.
11. Initiate a discussion with our Business Community on how they can be better served.

In terms of the lands south of Wilkes Avenue, her supports an extension of the Charleswood Parkway and is against the planned housing there in favour of a green belt.

There are other details on his website.

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