Saturday, October 16, 2010

Charleswood-Tuxedo Pembina Trails Ward 1

Map of Ward 1 of Pembina Trails School Division

I won't go into the whole school division. I am in Ward 1 of the Pembina Trails School Division.

The Free Press did a profile of the four candidates for the three elected positions of school trustee.

Three of the four trustees running are incumbents.

They are:

Gail Watson
Dianne Zuk
Gerry Melnyk

New to the race is:

Jim Komenda

I cannot really tell you the merits of any of the candidates as I never read, hear or see anything about them ever.

Pembina Trails School Division was created in July 2002, from the amalgamation of two Winnipeg, Manitoba school divisions – Assiniboine South and Fort Garry.

Since that time, the division has managed its affairs better than some divisions. One school, Chapman Elementary on Roblin, was slated for closure until the province put a moratorium on it.

Personally, I'm of a mind that the low profile of trustees and poor voter turn-out indicates to me that a better system is needed. The fact that the trustees have equal taxing authorities to a city councillor without the same level of scrutiny is appalling.

In Pembina Trails, the trustees meet twice a month with a few other meetings tossed in here and there. Usually no media is present. The only ones in attendance would appear to be those with an issue in that particular meeting.

Education should be removed from property tax and funded through general revenues of the province.

I don't know how I vote in terms of trustees. I have received some stuff in the mail. Only one candidate has a website. At least all four have answered the Free Press survey.

It will probably be even harder for other people. Some will not have to vote for trustee as the incumbents were acclaimed. Some candidates just seem to put their names up and won't answer any questions at all.

This is democracy?

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