Friday, October 1, 2010

Charleswood-Tuxedo panel on CBC Radio Part 2

Just finished with the CBC panel at Sorrento's restaurant in the Charleswood Shopping Centre Plaza.

There were five panelists. Two were business women and community volunteers, one was retired and a volunteer was, was was between jobs due to health issues and then there was myself.

From the CBC was producer Donna Carreiro and CBC host Terry McLeod and their sound technician.

Terry McLeod, left, panelist David and myself, right.

The discussion was broken into three segments. The first was to describe the neighbourhood and some misconceptions about it. The next segment was about the community issues and the third segment was the what the panel wished for the city.

In the first segment the panel agreed that it was wrong to think that the neighbourhood was completely wealthy. It was pointed out that there was Manitoba Housing in the ward and a mix of income groups from lower to high. The community club volunteers stated that 40% of the young people at the clubs needed some sort of income assistance to help pay for their sport.

The first segment touched on crime and there was an indication that the area was not devoid of it and that it was a misconception to think so. Many had first hand experience with vandalism, theft and fear of going out at night within the ward.

The second segment was about the needs and issues of the ward and what people thought about taxes. Everyone on the panel agreed that tax could go up and maybe should go up if there was an indication that it was addressing infrastructure and needed programs in the community as well as policing.

The third segment was about what everyone wished for in the community. There seemed some agreement that whoever was elected at to be thinking about community issues beyond Charleswood-Tuxedo. There was a desire for connectivity with the rest of the city in terms of transit, policing and programs. What this meant was that people on the panel thought you can't solve crime in Charleswood without thinking of the city as a whole. You can't fix infrastructure only in Charleswood if you simply bottleneck on Portage Avenue or Kenaston. And it means nothing if your community club is vital if all the others in the city are falling apart. The recognition was that parochialism does not serve the community well.

There was not much talk about the candidates in general. We are still in the dark to a great extent about who is running and what they are about. I hope that we see even great information in the days ahead. Still, the CBC panel was and should be illuminating to those in ward and in the city in general.

Charleswood is such a large ward. I both live and work in it and hope for the best in it and the city as a whole in the years ahead.

The Charleswood-Tuxedo ward.

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Anonymous said...

"They" are in the dark ?

Its called Google my friend. Don't be waiting on the media to get you some news. Most candidates have posted their Platforms. Shouldn't be to hard to figure out who's in for themselves or who's in to make some changes.

Or better yet, perhaps you can use your connections to have a few town halls. Because we candidates are busy knocking on doors. ( 5000 and counting so far )

Good luck


John Dobbin said...

I am perusing all the candidate websites and still am in the dark due to a lot of vagueness.

I have contacted all the candidates and still have not heard one word from some of them. A townhall would be good if the candidates would get in touch.

I do have a new candidate questionnaire sent in and will post it today.

Anonymous said...

The Ward is to large and Charleswood alone has about 6 distinct flavors maybe more. So far, having covered half , mostly the West side, there are at least 5 I can notice.

I would say Whyteridge should be linked to Lindenwoods, since they have issues relating to high schools and future growth . Tuxedo, being an older and more distinct neighborhood should have its own councilor. or join up with river heights.

Very tough to do a door to door in 45 days and hope to meet people at the door. having covered close to 5000 doors, I'd say my success rate in meeting a person is about 35% at peak times between 4 and 9 PM.

I'm leaving a signed note on my brochures so people at least get a feel that I made the effort to hit their door if they weren't home, but it doesn't have the same impact.And its very disappointing only to be made up when someone expresses real enthusiasm when they get a candidate in front of them. I noticed ethnic people are really happy and really want you to sit and chat , which I do, its fun.

Its especially grueling when you hit the apartment blocks and no one is there to let you in or you go to early. I can't start before 10 AM , so I miss the 7 AM going to work crowd. its a little frustrating, but I Will go on in order to cover Charleswood in the next 24 days or so.

As for vagueness, you won't get more detail then what you are getting from websites. You won't get much from media, You won't get much from town halls but there is a forum being planned by one of the Churches on the 13 th. the Harte trail had a session with only 4 of us showing up ( and they benefited directly thanks to me ). The rotarians ixnay'd a candidates forum because they are not a political organization. It's almost as fear grips everyone in the business community. Its ridiculous.

I'd have to say, if voters are interested in a Q&A, it will be up to them to set them up. Really, there is no other option, waiting for Candidates to do it is asking too much. The electorate must engage this and get it going if they are interested. There is no if's about it. You want one, get it started. Pick a time, a place, let everyone know and its done. ( Church and harte trail are doing it and its no sweat. )