Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CBC's National and Active Transportation

Traffic issues have been front and center in a lot of the country. They have become election sore points in several civic campaigns.

In Winnipeg, CBC's National News correspondent Reg Sherren features a story on active transportation. Calgary and Toronto are also reported on.

Marty Gold was interviewed for the story. In the four years that The Great Canadian Talk Show has been on the air, it has pushed civic issues into the forefront of discussion. And now the National News is paying attention.

Jackie Avent from Bike to the Future was also featured. She is convinced people are going to love it.

I still don't think what has been set up is safe and watching what happens on Grosvenor Avenue scares the heck out of me and a lot of people.

By the way, I won't be able to make it to the debate at Shaftesbury High School. I would really appreciate some reporting of what people's impressions might be. Unfortunately, I have to work so I can't make it. The early start time to the debate just makes it impossible.

Also...I was interviewed by CBC again about the poll that CBC/Free Press is releasing on October 21. I was told that 56% of Winnipeggers support a tax increase at the rate of inflation at the very least. I agreed that I would support an increase to keep us at the same level. The tax freeze has gone on long enough that we are seeing a deficit in simply keeping the city infrastructure and programs going.

The promises of some candidates to get money from the provincial government are not something that can be guaranteed. The more likely answer from the province is no. We can't wait another five or ten years wishing for more.

The anger people feel now is only going to grow as people get bottlenecked in traffic, see community clubs close and an overall decline in city services occurs.

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Sophia said...

Unfortunately it is when we are on the edge we feel the push to make some change happen. I really wonder what Kenaston will look like once Ikea is complete. I can only imagine more shortsightedness can be found in the lay of traffic and we will feel dire consequences. Unless we realize now what we've been doing since WWII doesn't actually work in this day and age. Sorry to jump ahead, but the thought of existing roads is a headache and the thought of newer roads being added is just scary. We need to focus on what exists and/or carefully consider how new developments weave into the existing mess of things!

Michael said...


Regarding the debate for Charleswood/tuxedo, they were taping it and posting it to the internet. You can email citizenforum@gmail.com and they will reply with a link to a video copy of the debate.