Monday, April 1, 2019

Canada Poll of Members of Parliament

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In a poll of Canada's 338 members of Parliament, a varied list of questions was given to Canada's Members of Parliament on a wide range of topics and issues during the last week of March, 2019. A complete document of the responses is available on our website but the highlights of what was found are as follows:

Question: Do you believe Australia is a real country? 42 MPs believed that it wasn't real. 4 MPs believed it was in Europe and Adolph Hitler was born there.

Question: Do you believe Canada's economy is improving? 106 MPs believed their own personal finances had improved since they were elected. 2 MPs and formal cabinet ministers believed their own personal finances declined.

Question: Do you believe Canada's military is in a good state of readiness? 203 MPs believed that as long as other countries had aging equipment to buy, Canada would always be ready. 11 MPs wondered if the former submarines at West Edmonton Mall were still available.

Question: Do you personally ensure you and your family are vaccinated? 338 MPs said they did because they didn't want to get autism from the general public.

Question: Is a life in Ottawa hard on your relationships? 144 MPs said what their partners didn't know, wouldn't hurt them. 1 former MP and present premier said: what did he know...he lives in his mom's basement.

Question: What is Canada's national sport? 334 MPs replied Timmies. 2 MPs said Lacrosse. 2 MPs said Cricket.

Question: Has Canada leaned anything from Truth and Reconciliation? 338 MPs all agreed that there is no reconciliation in truth and no truth in reconciliation.

Question: Does 24 Sussex, the Prime Minister's residence, need to be fixed or replaced? 337 MPs said that only the resident needed to be replaced.

Question: How should Canadians prepare for retirement? 300 MPs said vote themselves a pension. 38 MPs said get appointed to the Senate.

Question: What is the major issue in your riding? 338 MPs agreed it was voter ignorance of the MP's achievements.

Question: Do you believe in prosecutor independence? 338 MPs didn't think if they personally faced charges.

Question: Do you read the Bible? 4 MPs said they had read it in the original Klingon. 1 MP said that they wrote it. 80 MPs said they watched it on TV.

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