Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MTS Centre to Expand Upper Deck Concourse

Narrow concourse at MTS Centre
As anyone can tell you, the upper bowl concourse at the MTS Centre is a little scary.

Well, the good news is that the True North are going to expand the concourse by 4000 square feet and add more washrooms, concessions and amenities.

Down here for a hotdog...I think
The job will cost around $20 to $30 million and take maybe six years.

The need for more washrooms is undeniable. The True North is considering efficient options for the men.

New washrooms might be modeled after this efficient system
Apparently, what men miss most is the chance to talk about the game with their neighbour so we might be seeing some bold changes.

Club seat washrooms
Of course they will never match the lower bowl and club seating men's washrooms.

I think women will appreciate the changes in upper concourse washrooms.

Upper concourse women's washroom
The club seating and lower bowl washrooms are still the gold standard.

Club seating women's washrooms
I think making improvements to the concourse are very much needed.

There will be an improvement on the lounge area.

Old lounge area Upper Concourse
Look to improved signage as well.

Old signs in Upper Concourse confused people
Sadly, nothing to be done about the steep stairs.

Only two more of these to get to your seats!
Congrats to the True North for realizing the 6000 of us in the Upper Bowl should be looked after as well!

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