Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Australian Loves Winnipeg

From the weekend paper of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Winnipeg’s glory days are far from over, writes a smitten Max Anderson.

Winnipeg is an extraordinary city – an epic riddle that’s fresh and intriguing, a surprise package that will leave you delighted at having made the discovery.
The Forks district, where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet, is an edgy hub of arty installations, markets and gentle riverside walks. A pre-1900 railway building has been transformed into a happy cavern of steel gantries, iron lacework and spiral stairs, filled with buzzy stalls of colour and charm. (Here’s where I discovered saskatoons and chokecherries – native berries that taste as spritzy as they sound.)
I love my days in Winnipeg, especially the people – from the staff who serve breakfast at 6am in the Fairmont Hotel, to the people hanging out in the cool bars of the Exchange District. They’re all amazed anyone would be interested in their city and gamely share jokes made at their expense.
En route to the airport I see Winnipeg’s real welcome sign, and it reads: ‘‘Heart of the Continent’’. Winnipeg has a great heart – and that’s all the excuse I need.

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