Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sephora's Open in St. Vital

There was a lot of excitement when the store first opened in Polo Park. Now one has opened in St. Vital Shopping Centre.

I visted the Jets Gear store in St. Vital. Some say it is small but it looked to be not too bad in size. It was kind interesting to see the variety of products offered. I ended up getting a Jets T-shirt.

It is my hope that there will be a Jets summer sale of products in s similar vein as the Bomber Locker Room Sale at the end of football season.

The one thing that St. Vital does so well is host things like the three times a year Children's Hospital Book Sale. Some criticize the malls fro a variety of ills but this event really brings out so many people from all over the store.

Polo Park has nothing even remotely similar.

The major shakeout in retailing continues. I suspect that Polo Park and St. Vital will continue to compete for top international retailers while places like Kildonan, Garden City snd the like look to more local and national retailers.

I saw signs indicating that Australian jeweller Michael Hill is opening soon in St. Vital as well.

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