Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cabela's To Open in Seasons of Tuxedo

Cabela's to open full size store in Season's of Tuxedo on the Ikea site.

The store will be the largest in Canada at 72,000 square feet over Edmonton and Saskatoon stores.

To put in perspective for Canadians familiar with East Grand Forks Cabela's, the Winnipeg store will be 12,000 feet larger than that.

More information on the store to come.

However, the will also include bike trails, traffic circles and many trees.


One Man Committee said...

It looks almost exactly like the new Cabela's store in south Edmonton which opened last year. I wonder if it means that the old one on Ellice is toast?

John Dobbin said...

It is a good bet it will close. I suspect it will find a tenant quickly though.

The Winnipeg store will be 2000 feet larger but for all intents, same design.

My guess is this to forestall Bass Brothers from stealing a spot in the city as they did in Quebec for Cabela's project there.

This means Bass could be a potential for Westport festival or the stadium site.

Cabelas Promo Codes said...
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