Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rigged Elections

It is rather astonishing the revelations about the robo-calls that took place in the federal election last fall that misdirected voters away from where they were supposed to go or tried to confuse or anger voters. The Conservative party has been implicated in this using technical gadgetry and voter lists that are in their possession.

The Conservative response has been two-fold. One is to accuse the opposition of doing the same and two, to say that it is the work of one individual. One Tory staffer has resigned.

Rigged elections are nothing new in Canada. We have seen both the NDP and PCs in Manitoba use fraud, voter suppression, illegal advertising or spending or plain stealing or questionable ballots or theft of voter boxes. The Filmon Progressive Conservatives faced the wrath of the electorate over tactics used to split the NDP vote.

The NDP learned from this and ensured no investigation was ever done on the 1999 election campaign where they used union workers resulting in $76,000 that had to be returned to Elections Manitoba. Bit of a sweetheart deal and no further inquiry was made. Ancient history for some but we have seen continued suppression by the NDP of their part in illegal activity. And in the most recent election, we saw some gaming of the system when reporters were invited to the birthing centre in contravention of the law.

But Manitoba provincial politics is not what we're talking about here. It is the federal Conservatives under Stephen Harper who may have really stepped in it. The machinery of the Conservative party has been used to disrupt election intentions.

Lists of people who identified as Liberal were used to make calls to turn the tides in an election. This is considered breaking the law.

The RCMP should be contacted and a complete investigation done by Elections Canada.

There are probably many Tories laughing at all this. Some might be saying: So what? Other might accuse the Liberals or NDP of doing worse over the years.

The truth is they should be concerned. If someone was able to access their lists, their vote call machinery and a budget to make those calls, they should be sweating. It bespeaks of a lack of control at the top.

If it turns out a lot of people were involved, it might prove bad as well if charges are laid.

The Conservatives might think: Oh, we'll win this in court. Like we always do. Or in the court of public opinion, we'll win.

However, think of Gary Filmon and his shock when people actually did remember the fraud from the previous election.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sephora's Open in St. Vital

There was a lot of excitement when the store first opened in Polo Park. Now one has opened in St. Vital Shopping Centre.

I visted the Jets Gear store in St. Vital. Some say it is small but it looked to be not too bad in size. It was kind interesting to see the variety of products offered. I ended up getting a Jets T-shirt.

It is my hope that there will be a Jets summer sale of products in s similar vein as the Bomber Locker Room Sale at the end of football season.

The one thing that St. Vital does so well is host things like the three times a year Children's Hospital Book Sale. Some criticize the malls fro a variety of ills but this event really brings out so many people from all over the store.

Polo Park has nothing even remotely similar.

The major shakeout in retailing continues. I suspect that Polo Park and St. Vital will continue to compete for top international retailers while places like Kildonan, Garden City snd the like look to more local and national retailers.

I saw signs indicating that Australian jeweller Michael Hill is opening soon in St. Vital as well.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cabela's To Open in Seasons of Tuxedo

Cabela's to open full size store in Season's of Tuxedo on the Ikea site.

The store will be the largest in Canada at 72,000 square feet over Edmonton and Saskatoon stores.

To put in perspective for Canadians familiar with East Grand Forks Cabela's, the Winnipeg store will be 12,000 feet larger than that.

More information on the store to come.

However, the will also include bike trails, traffic circles and many trees.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Banana Republic and Ivivva Athletica Opening in Polo Park

Gap and Old Navy sister store Banana Republic is slated to open in Polo Park in the near future.

Also opening is Lululemon little sister store Ivivva Athletica. I say little sister since it exercise clothes for girls.

The move for Banana Republic was made possible when Nygard didn't renew their lease and Quilts Etc moved near to The Bay. And why would they? It is fairly clear that Nygard with a large property on Kenaston has made the same choice that Tommy Hilfiger did.

And why make that choice? Well, it is expensive being in a mall like Polo Park. They are chasing a young crowd and the customers that Nygard wants are closer to Kenaston one would think.

It is quite the transformation for Polo Park and it will continue as they try to have some stores no one else has in the city. For some retailers, they will find their options better elsewhere.

As for Ivivva Athletica, they are extremely young and female in orientation. Lululemon already had line ups through the mall. I expect this store to be no different.

Is it possible for a mall to too young and too female? I guess we shall see if Harry Rosen and Apple decide to make their move elsewhere.