Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trouble At Fab 94.3?

Beau and Tom along with Frazier. Upset at being bumped again?

In today's Free Press there is a report that the launch of the morning show on Fab 94.3 was cancelled due to Beau being sick.

As some others noted, the launch of the Jay and Andrea show on BOB FM has also being cancelled. Why would Beau being sick on one station affect the launch at another station?

As I pointed out earlier, I thought the hosts must feel like yo-yos.

As for Beau, Tom and Frazier, they must feel like yo-yos bouncing around. There is a lot riding on them turning the ship around. They were transferred to BOB to do the same thing in terms of growing their morning audience. However, this time it isn't quite clear that the oldies format will grow beyond what the previous station might have been getting.

Could it be that that former BOB hosts feel like they have been thrown under the bus for a format that has little prospect for growth in Winnipeg's market?

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DriveGoddess said...

And just what would that market be? It seems to me that there is little direction, still, in that there exists so much duplication of the same mediocre crap. We have a chance these days to really get inventive with the revisiting of the 80's wave for example and what are the stations playing? Crap. Play the same crap often enough and folks will learn to live with it right?

Radio in this town is stuck in a timewarp....and as to talk radio do not get me started in that any strong female voices are still discouraged....women get the fluff positions in that we are still treated as if we cannot handle controversy or hard news.

Winnipeg, so consistent, so predictable.

mrchristian said...

That's true of the newspapers - even the blogosphere (present company excepted !).

For quite a multicultural city with a large youth population and at the national average of men v women, the media (even toward the alternate side of things) is aging, balding white guys. You'd imgine it was 1962 !

mrchristian said...

Oh, and I say that as an aging, balding white guy.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till we finally get the all Rod Stewart Station. All Rod Stewart all the time!

John Dobbin said...

DG, In fairness I think this decision has been imposed by Toronto execs.

I wish satellite radio was better but I think it is overprogammed as well.

As far as the blogs go, I am always looking for interesting takes on the city and the people living here. Maybe we need to look harder.

DriveGoddess said...

Oh I am aware that most likely the decision came down from T.O. I remember the difference in music that was played - toronto vs winnipeg way back when - Winnipeg got the hair metal and T.O. got some of the stuff of the times - Ska, reggae, alt rock and punk - you name it. It was if it was ASSUMED that cool music would never fly in this town.

Mind you I recall one day at a production meeting trying to describe hiphop to Andy Frost (I had just come back from NYC). We had received promo copies from Sugar Hill Records and one of them was the now-classic "the Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. He did not get it at least not until Run DMC teamed up with Aerosmith for "Walk this Way".

Many of us to this day have disagreed with Winnipeg Radio by switching to Sat radio (underground garage is a good example of what Sirius has that is cool)and interspersing that with listening to CBC.

It took a lot of cajoling on the part of some of us to get Power 97 to play some Marley, Radio Head and the Violent Femmes. The DJ's by this time were aware of the bands but once again it was this crazy corporate diktat (old white guys who listened to the same old BS classic rock shite).....

Lots of no-talents out there in this town calling themselves "media".....many of them grandfathered into their jobs...mediocrity is applauded here and this is why talent tends to leave.

Sometimes I feel like the female version of Howard Roarke. Hahahahaha. While it is nice to be back I am always open to other locales.

John Dobbin said...

DG, I suppose the hope lies in the campus radio although as we have seen in recent months that even there we can see interference.

Commercial radio here is chasing after the same old thing.

DriveGoddess said...

If you are referring to the cancellation of the Marty Gold show sorry dude but I was not a fan. But as we can see however Marty being a male (loudness is acceptable as well as inaccuracy) he was readily embraced and will be back in some form on CITI. Oh and his wrestling nonsense - so credible that pursuit is.

Wow....another great example of what passes for a media person in this town. Sigh.

I dunno John, sometimes it is so hard not to feel disillusioned.

John Dobbin said...

DG, I was referring in a general sense to the obligations of CRTC licencing.

Campus radio stations need to remember what their broadcast licence requires them to do and not forget that the CTRC can pull a licence. It has happened in the past in Winnipeg and can happen again.

The type of programming, staffing, volunteers, commercials, and overseeing board are all outlined when applying for a licence. Interference in any of those areas can be grounds for not meeting broadcast requirements.

Unlike a campus newspaper, a radio station falls under federal guidelines and interference can have consequences.

Still, I think campus radio can be excellent for people seeking music not played anywhere else. Certainly, it is the only place to find a great amount of diversity including local content.

DriveGoddess said...

Yes John I am very aware of CRTC criteria and as well was very happy when the college alternatives came back onto the local scene. However I am left to wonder just who the CRTC actually serves these days what with the changes that seem to occur on a regular basis in this town when it comes to formats.

Format-O-rama.....gets confusing after awhile....hahahah

John Dobbin said...

DG, Thought we might be seeing some CRTC review this year but with the upcoming federal election, I don't if that will be happening.

I am seriously thinking about satellite radio if I get a new car this year. Sirius and XM in Canada are merging. Don't know if that will make it better or not.

DriveGoddess said...

I like Sirius....lots of choices for the typical ADD creative mind.

Anonymous said...

I am a baby boomer and I am glad Fab 94.3 is here! Winnipeg has the largest population of older people so its about time a radio station played our type of music! There will
never be a time again like the 60's and 70's
Sorry but you young people are out numbered and there are enough radio stations playing your style of music. 60's and 70's music will never die and I hope Fab 94.3 stays around always!