Sunday, December 5, 2010

Possible New Bar on Campus - University of Manitoba

Wise Guys on Campus was closed and Degrees has been under renovation in a torn up UMSU building for much of the fall.

There is a small 55 seat bistro on campus called Bistro Two-O-Five that is doing its duty for the 25,000 people on campus who might want to meet for a meal and a drink.

The student union is looking at setting up a pub at the old Wise Guys location.

I had cause to be at the university this week and while the bookstore remains one of the best campus bookstores in Canada, the student union building and student life resembles Iraq during the war. The place looks bombed out.

Thousands of people use the campus every day. It is time to start thinking like a small town and start using some of that space around campus to invite private developers to create the restaurants and yes, even a hotel on campus.

The time for thinking of just re-creating a student pub has to be expanded.

Student life at the University of Manitoba can be better, should be better.

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