Monday, December 6, 2010

Menards - Deliveries to Winnipeg

I contacted Menards about their delivery service to Winnipeg and got a reply today.

For Manitobans wishing to order from the U.S., the store is making a delivery through Canada Cartage of Winnipeg once a week. Not everything will available for order. They are not sending items that won't fit on a pallet such as drywall or lumber using this service.

However, if someone is ordering something such a windows, they are the perfect item for delivery. By way of example, four windows fit on one pallet and the charge will be $50 for the delivery plus whatever duties that might be on the items. And don't forget the costs of the windows themselves. Get your calculator out. Even after those costs, the discount Menards is known for might make it worthwhile.

Canada Cartage is at 47 Gomez Street. The products are shipped from Grand Forks, North Dakota to their terminal in Winnipeg. The warehouse in Winnipeg has white glove service as well that will deliver the product to your home or job site. The additional cost for that is about $55 and rises if the shipment is outside of Winnipeg. They deliver Monday through Friday from 8 to 5.

As many people have noticed, Menards is putting their flyers in Winnipeg papers. It notes right on the front page that they are making deliveries. It is best to speak to their store and delivery people direct to ensure that you know all the products and fees available.

The number to call is 701-795-4796.

I asked about Menards opening a store in Winnipeg and was told that the company is looking very closely at the demand from the city and it is not going unnoticed. Much like how Cabela's and IKEA saw the demand in the province, Menards could feasibly open a store in Winnipeg.

Note to Winnipeg's tall foreheads in business and government: Call the Menard family and invite them to the city pronto.

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Anonymous said...

I am interested in composite decking. In the Menard's flyer, they offer UltraDeck for $0.99 per lineal foot, Windsor Plywood offers the same UltaDeck for $1.99. How come?????

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in making an order as well. i contacted the number provided and was told that you need to meet the Menards shippers at the border... pay the PST+GST and have the shippers follow you to your house. The cost is $550 for shipping and you can load up to 34,000lbs. Has anyone did it differently?

Anonymous said...

I contacted a customs broker - A.D. Rutherford Customs Brokers in Winnipeg.

Instead of meeting the truck, they coordinated everything, payment of Canadian taxes etc. The truck just showed up at my house - it was very simple.

There fee was under $100. It was very simple

Anonymous said...

I ordered patio stone from Menards and used A.D. Rutherford to ship them to Winnipeg.

For $250 A.D. Rutherford shipped 2 pallets of patio stone from Grand Forks to my door in Winnipeg! This included customs clearance but not the Canadian taxes.

I called them before ordering and they ran through all of the costs with me I think their website is

Anonymous said...

How much do you want a bet that the last 2 comments are actually someone from AD Rutherford looking for FREE advertising.
I have to admit I love to shop at Menards. However I work in the Building Material industry, and don't look forward to any more big us companies coming North.
I think the public need to band together against the manufacturers to get better pricing in Canada. When a lumberyard can buy a product chepaer from Menards in many cases then direct through ther manufacturer. There is something wrong. Canadians are getting screwed by the manufacturers, not your local businesses.

Anonymous said...

I agree products made in Canada sell cheaper in the states how come?

John said...

I wanted to purchase a patio window at Menards in International Falls. The window was 72x80 and the cost was $349. I checked the shipping cost and the customer service attendant told me it would be $352 to ship to Dryden Ontario. Obviously I said no thank you.