Thursday, December 9, 2010

Manitoba Will Not Meet Climate Reduction Target

Gary Doer in 2008 said the government should be defeated if it doesn't meet target. (CBC)

Hard to believe so many people have not taken the government to task about this promise that Gary Doer made in 2008 that the Auditor-General says will not be met.

The NDP government was adamant that the objective of reducing emissions 6% below 1990 levels would happen and that they'd achieve 17.5 megatonnes. Now we learn that there will be a 2.7 megatonnes gap.

Gary Doer said that the people of Manitoba would dump the NDP government based on this promise and that they should be defeated if they don't achieve it.

If we don't achieve it - I think the ultimate penalty [in] 2011 will be the defeat of the government.

The NDP was ducking the responsibility for that comment and are probably glad no one is continuing to ask them about it.

And where is Gary Doer now? He was in Cancun this past week sitting beside federal environment minister John Baird as the Canadian government said they were going to kill the climate deal if China was not going to more action. Doer was sitting right beside Baird when the comment was made.

I wonder if that is Gary Doer's views now... Manitoba doesn't have to meet the targets it set in 2008 until China takes more action?

So why is Manitoba falling behind? The answer is that the wasteful ethanol program is not working to produce the numbers the government said it was and that the geo-thermal is not being adopted as quickly. The latter is probably because the provincial government is too interested in being a developer and backed away from making Waverley West a showcase for geo-thermal subdivisions.

There is one thing that the NDP government did get right: They should be held to task for their failed promise.

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