Sunday, December 26, 2010

List Time - Sports and Recreation

Here are the top sports and recreation stories of 2010.

1. Adrenaline Adventures opens in December without one penny of government money and people enjoy snow tubing and in the future will enjoy wakeboarding.

2. The Chipman family with a large dollop of their own money and government money open their MTS Iceplex in Headlingley. Sports fans and moms and dads applaud.

3. Jonathan Toews wins a Stanley Cup in the NHL and then brings it home for a parade in July.

4. LPGA Golf played at the St. Charles Country Club. Best players in the world to watch right in the neighbourhood.

5. 2010 BDO Classic Canadian Open has curling giants of the world playing in January.

6. Winnipeg Goldeyes switch from Northern League to the American Association. They renew rivalries with some of old teams such as St. Paul who fled years earlier.

7. Mike Keane is finally retired as a pro player from the Manitoba Moose but becomes a key person in a high performance hockey training facility called The Rink.

8. The Phoenix Coyotes continue on with another owner in the desert of Arizona after a marathon Glendale council session. Winnipeg continues to wait in the wings as a potential owner with a ready rink and ownership group.

9. The Blue Bombers and the various levels of government minus David Asper announce the final stadium plans at the University of Manitoba.

10. The Under 17 World Hockey championships begin in Winnipeg December of this year and into January for the 2011 championship. They do it all over again next year in 2012. The first city ever to host it two years in a row.

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