Wednesday, December 29, 2010

List Time - Blogs

Here are the blogs that made a difference in Manitoba over the last year.

First, let me mention the two that have been discontinued: Endless Spin Cycle and Waverley West stopped publishing. More sadly, they pulled all their archives.

I have a few other blogs on my blogroll that have not had new entries for over a year. A few only published a handful of times this year. I will be switching those blogs to just a listing of Winnipeg blogs if they remain inactive.

So let's get down the blogs that have been great this year.

West End Dumplings

An always entertaining and informative blog on the west end and elsewhere in the city of Winnipeg. Be sure to check out the sister blogs of the original: This Was Manitoba, Winnipeg Downtown Places and Winnipeg General Strike.

Progressive Winnipeg

Great coverage of the civic election and the issues of active transportation. Good coverage in terms of international issues as well.

Policing, Politics and Public Policy

Former Deputy Chief of Winnipeg Police and a blog that sheds new light on civic and police issues in Winnipeg.

The View from Seven

Well researched and thought out discussions on a wide range of issues from a Winnipegger.

One Man Committee

A great way to find out about Winnipeg with a fair assessment of what is going on and some thoughts on urban issues in general. A great place to start and work your way out from for Winnipeg blogs.

State of the City

An insiders view of civic issues and the willingness to discuss, critique and sometimes shout to the heavens about policy issues for urbanites.

A Day In The Hood

And on the street perspective of the North End from a resident who shows things as they are.

Winnipeg... one great city (or so they tell me)

Thoughts from someone who takes the city and some of the people in it to task.

Anybody Want A Peanut

Some great work on numbers that the media should have looked at in recent reporting. Overall interesting blog.

The Black Rod

The opinionated and in your face blog with no opportunity to comment.

The Great Canadian Talk Show

The companion blog to The Great Canadian Talk Show and the place to look for their podcasts.

Blackberry Addicts

The return of an old blog. They don't seem to like the PCs and their leader.

Reed Solomon

Often finding the overlooked stories in Winnipeg sometimes from a tech perspective.

The Rise and Sprawl

One of the first blogs in town to comment on urban issues.

The Crime Scene

CBC's James Turner gives a peek at the crime scene in Winnipeg.

96° 48' 35" From the Centre

Hope to see more of this blog as the provincial election approaches.

Policy Frog

Veteran blogger that has been far too quiet as of late.

Things That Need To Be Said

A closer look at politics and other issues from this blog. More, please.

Slurpees and Murder

Always good to see a post from this blog.

Heart of the Continent

Been enjoying this blog on urban design, policy and the architecture.


There have been a few partisan political blogs that I have listed in my blogroll. In recent months there has been a proliferation of NDP supporters writing in support for their party.

The above blogs are a great way to get to know Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg. I find them as important as any newspapers, TV or or radio broadcast as to insight on local affairs.

Some really great stuff.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for the kind words! Now that I'm able to log in to Google to respond to your many thoughtful posts, I look forward to more interaction in the year ahead.

A happy New Year to you and yours!

Reed Solomon said...

Thank you. For my blog (which began humbly as a front to sell cheap VIAGRA and discount Canadian drugs to unsuspecting American senior citizens) to gain recognition as something of any miniscule value to society, well all I can say is 谢谢你,长期住在加拿大光荣的共产主义政权,并得到著名仅99.99美元的折扣伟哥和加拿大的药物 ...只是在开玩笑 :)

mrchristian said...

Notice how MALE our blog rolls are ?! I wonder if that is common in other centres.

Aside from Winnipeg O My Heart there haven't been may, that I know of.

I just noticed the "Lipstick and Shutter Shades" in your role. that's two !

John Dobbin said...

Christian, I have Heart of the Continent and Oversocialized as well but I know what you mean.

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