Friday, December 3, 2010

5198 Roblin Boulevard

5198 Roblin Boulevard as it looks now

5198 Roblin Boulevard and the plan for a gas station and store

The land has sat for a while. It looks like it will sit for longer. The plan was for a gas station and convenience store.

The developer has now asked for a two year extension because of environmental and economic reasons.

Two years for no development on the fenced site? Yikes.

It looks like the land was going to be home to a Esso station. I have no idea why it will two years to clean up the site and I hope council asks some detailed questions.

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mrchristian said...

he could at least put an opening in the fence and make it a surface parking lot ;)

John Dobbin said...

ha! There are not enough surface parking lots in Charleswood!

Anonymous said...

Could be the GREATEST topic that i read all week?!