Sunday, December 19, 2010

3680 Roblin Boulevard - Kenaston Village Mall

3680 Roblin Boulevard, the old location of First Glance Aesthetic Clinic at Roblin

The small location of First Glance Aesthetic Clinic at Roblin

The old location of Giselle's is now First Glance Aesthetic Clinic

Giselle's at the Kenaston Village Mall closed over a year ago. The large space remained closed for some time. In the last year, they have seen the re-location of a plastic surgeon's clinic from 3680 Robin Boulevard.

The First Glance Aesthetic Clinic was grouped with a number medical and surgical practices in the old Charleswood area.

The old location in Charleswood was fairly small for three doctors and a host of other professional staff. The new location is a fairly posh.

The clinic has massage therapy as well although the vast majority of the services listed are cosmetic work done by specialists.

It is likely that this expansion and location on a major route close to wealthier neighbourhoods will do a lot of business. Unlike Giselle's, the clinic is probably going to have less problem with the rent increase than the day spa did.

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