Thursday, August 12, 2010

A&B Sound building transformed for Bodies Exhibiiton

BODIES…The Exhibition

Free Press pic of how the A&B Sound building will be transformed.

In a bold move that got all the media talking and will have them to continue to talk, the MTS Centre have announced that presentation of BODIES…The Exhibition. The travelling tour has brought in large audiences and controversy everywhere it has been. The show was considered front page material for the Winnipeg Sun.

To add to the excitement, MTS has said it will be utilizing the A&B Sound building across the street as an exhibition hall for the 100 plus day run of the show. It is innovative thinking that will bring people to the 22,000 square foot facility and surrounding area.

True North has hinted that there might be another exhibition after that but the property holds greater value to them. They have said a hotel or other unique restaurant similar to Tavern United is what they in the future.

Bravo to True North and CentreVenture for this project. Look for crowds and controversy in the next weeks.

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Orange Rod said...

Excited to see this.