Sunday, August 15, 2010

The changes in Wolseley/West Broadway area Part 2

Gooch's Bicycle & Hobby Shops, formerly of 185 Sherbrook Street now moved to 1046 Portage Avenue.

Changes have been afoot again on Sherbrook Street in the Wolseley area. An old favourite Gooch's Bicycle & Hobby Shops has decamped for Portage Avenue after 77 years on Sherbrook.

However, as some move out, others move in. Winnipeg Tool and Fasteners which has moved to St. James is seeing their old building converted into office for Epic Information Solutions. This IT firm is bringing 75 workers and $4 million worth of renovations to the area which will continue a revitalization that has been happening at street level for some time now.

The Free Press reports that an architectural firm is also moving into the neighbourhood.

There are other developments afoot including the recently completed two story building at Westminster Avenue and Sherbrook Street. A Subway store will be located there just a hop down from Stella's.

I will be interesting to see other changes over the next months in the area. There are still many houses fronting right out to the street but my feeling is that more of them will be converted over to other uses. This in and of itself shouldn't be regarded badly. Sherbrook is becoming more commercial in part to serve the Wolseley neigbourhood. And on the residential streets off of Sherbrook and Maryland Streets, there is quite a lot of revitalization taking place in the housing stock.

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Orange Rod said...

And some other good news for the area, the Common Ground cafe cult closed up and left to be replaced by a awesome veggie burger place. I never liked being preached to when I went to the common ground.

The Rise and Sprawl said...

This is all good news!