Friday, January 11, 2019

Portage and Main 1965

In 1965 Portage and Main had two billboard clock. The first was a Coca Coca clock where the Richardson Building is now and could be seen the entire length of Portage Avenue. The second clock was Royal Dutch Shell and was atop the present TD building and could be seen heading toward the intersection from North Main.

For many decades the area of the Richardson building was a gas station, parking lot and Hertz car rental place. It was marked by multiple billboards and looked anything vibrant business districts on the other corners. It would be another five years before the Richardson Building and Winnipeg Inn (Fairmont) would be constructed.

What can be seen in this picture is the 1965/66 construction of the 17 floor prairie headquarters of Royal Bank. It is on the left side in the middle of the block. This was the first of many modern towers to follow that would begin to change Portage and Main to what we see now.

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