Monday, May 15, 2017

MINISO Coming to Winnipeg Soon

It is reported that MINISO is in negotiations with malls in Winnipeg to open sometime in 2017.The Japanese/Chinese sore started in 2013 is based in China and appears to be in direct competition to Asian stores UNIQLO and MUJI which are spreading across Canada.

The store is an affordably priced variety store, that sells household and consumer goods, cosmetics, stationery, toys and kitchenware. It would appears that the sore company has Dollarma clearly in their sites as well as other value retailers. They aim to open 500 stores as a long term goal. However, their short term goal is 30 to 50 and soon.

Polo Park would seem the obvious location as well as St. Vital.

It has been and up and down time in retail in Canada. Some stores have shut while many others have opened. It has been heady times. Meanwhile Amazon continues to grow to be the elephant in the room.

New mall developments are adding other components like gyms, housing and entertainment. The Outlets of Seasons has a mix of almost everything including care dealerships and hotels.

The mall has not died yet but there are challenges. However, MINISO could re-write the book on what suceeeds in the future.

Wait to hear an announcement for Winnipeg soon.


One Man Committee said...

Is this any relation to Daiso?

John Dobbin said...

Not that I could find. There are a few Asian stores making their way across North America. It is changing retailing quite a bit.

One Man Committee said...

Interesting. The name sounds a bit like Daiso which had me wondering. I've never heard of this particular chain.

Brian Gilchrist said...

Is it clothing like Uniqlo?

Or is it similar to Tiger stores in Spain?

Brian Gilchrist said...

Is it clothing? If it isn't I don't see how it's competition to Uniqlo.

Perhaps similar to Tiger stores in Europe?

John Dobbin said...

It is compared with Uniqlo and competes heavily with them.