Sunday, July 10, 2016

Charleswood Medical Centre Closed

After 35 years, the Charleswood Centre closed their second floor clinic in what is old downtown Charleswood at 3660 Roblin. The last official day was June 30 and the 10 plus doctors with a variety of specialist have scattered to other clinics in the city.

It is unknown why this large clinic closed which included X-ray and other services onsite. The entire second floor is now up for lease but given the size of the place it is  going to be a substantial space to fill.

There are substantial changes taking place in Charleswood but this particular building was the largest medical facility in the district. Will keep monitoring the building for updates.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, the entire main floor at 3360 Roblin Blvd. which includes a pharmacy, a lab, an Xray department(including EKG), Dr. J. Langan (Eye Physician), and the store Independence Plus are still open for Business. Your recent article seems to suggest that the entire building is closed.

JacobTower said...

My doctor was one of the doctor's who operated out of the Charleswood Medical Clinic. From what she told me, all of the tenants on the 2nd floor were informed earlier in the year that Shindico wasn't going to renew their lease. Apparently the doctors looked into purchasing the building from Shindig by they were unsuccessful. Doctor's were given 6 months to vacate.

John Dobbin said...

Darn shame if that is what happened as the place remains un-leased on that second floor.

Anonymous said...

does somebody know what happen to the dr. files? How can I get my file back? my dr retired.