Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jollibee Coming to Winnipeg Polo Park Area

It has been a race in Canada to see who will get the Philippine-based Jollibee restaurant's first location in Canada. Toronto and Winnipeg have been at the forefront of that battle.

Now it is confirmed that Jollibee's is coming and will be located north of Polo Park at 1400 Ellice near the McDonald's and next to the building with Pita Pit and Starbucks..

The plans would seem to indicate that the most popular restaurant in the Philippines will located in a new building with a drive-thru in the re-developed 1400 Ellice Avenue shopping area just north of the Polo Park Mall.

The excitement this is likely to bring for many in the community can't be understated.

It will be interesting to see if other people in the city take to the unique tastes of this restaurant as no fast food place is quite like it.

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