Monday, April 20, 2015

LEGO Store to Open in Polo Park Mall?

It was rumoured for a while but now LEGO has posted job postings to manage their new Winnipeg LEGO store in Winnipeg. This is a much beloved toy and has a fair share of older audiences who love it as well.

What no story has revealed is where the store will be going except to say somewhere in the Polo Park area.

If we continue to believe that the those talking about LEGO coming to Winnipeg seem to know something then let's assume they also had an idea of the location. The story was being promoted was that they were to move in next to the Disney store on Polo Park's second floor.

Disney and LEGO would appear to be a kill combo especially with a few years of Star Wars bringing new fans into stores.

Polo Park continues to benefit from Zellers closing in the mall and Target never coming. The 22 stores in the old space occupied by the department store will generate far more buzz and more profit into the number 1 mall.

LEGO doesn't have that many stores in Canada so this is a huge gain for the city and the mall. Expect a lot of excitement when it opens.

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