Monday, October 13, 2014

New Stores at Grant Park Shopping Centre

Polo Park is not the only mall welcoming new stores.

Grant Park Shopping Centre is also finishing off the long awaited makeover for the entire mall. The arrival of Target triggered expansions of existing stores such as Shopper's Drug Mart and Liquor Mart as well as refurbished mall tile, lighting and skylights. Several stores closed, other new ones including kiosks opened.

Last week I went to the Modern Man Barber Shop and was suitably impressed. It is good to see the old style barbershop come back with modern amenities such as flat screen TVs and sports. It is directly across from McNally Robinson's which remains one of the finest book stores in Canada.

One new store in the mall is Creative Kulture which sells ballcaps and T-shirts. Another new store is Dream Shoez which as the names suggests sells women's shoes.

The new Booster Juice has been open for a while and the next group of stores opens November 1.

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Purple Rod said...

I hope Target, the flagship store for the shopping centre does not go under. I know they were having a tough go, competing with Walmart.