Monday, September 29, 2014

XS Cargo Closing

XS Cargo Winnipeg
XS Cargo Winnipeg along with the rest of the 50 stores in Canada will be shutting down after failing to re-structure this past week. This comes on the heels of the shut down of another warehouse store Big Lots which shut down 78 stores last years including the Winnipeg store.

The XS store was in the parking lot of The Brick near Polo Park.

XS was known for colourful ads inserts and low cost goods, some of if re-conditioned product. The company blamed competition with Target and Walmart for their demise.

Other stores circling the drain the last months are Bowring, Bombay and Sears.

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Purple Rod said...

I bought a digital camera there once. It stopped working within a week. No big loss.