Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Apartment for Charleswood

3605 Roblin used to have Co-op Gas at front of lot
At 3605 Roblin Boulevard, there was originally a Co-Op Gas kiosk. After the Charleswood Motor Hotel was knocked down, Co-Op moved down the block and became a convenience store, carwash and massive 20 lane gas station. The old Co-Op kiosk was torn down and what remained was a strip mall with a rather large parking lot.

Large parking lot left behind
There is not much retail in the mall. The biggest tenant is the Lion's Club seniors day club. Most of the strip is service related industries, a beer supply store and Little Caesar's.

I have thought myself that the mall was ripe for re-development and it looks like that is exactly is happening.

Proposal for a 7 floor apartment on this corner
A developer has made a proposal for a 7 floor apartment at the corner of Roblin and Princeton. It is unclear if it rental or condos at this point.

Appropriate land use?
There are a whole whack of variances to go through before this project flies. Some of the big ones are how close to the property edge, landscaping the property and parking not to mention height.

Very few buildings in the area of Roblin go over three floors. The Manitoba Housing property on Hendon is one such property. It pretty much turns Hendon into a parking lot.

Drawing of the property
The property proposed has parking on the surface but under the building. By all accounts, it looks like this will a seven story walk-up. As you can see from the drawing, it is difficult to see what the overall design will be other than 1 bedrooms are on the main floor and the remaining six floors will be two bedroom.

A resident might want to be in very good shape for a top view.

Occupying the corner lot
I am no expert on residential buildings but I would be curious what the final disposition on this building is. I am all for density but I expect this project has a lot of tweaks left before it gets approval.

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