Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grant Park Landmark Cinema Expansion

Landmark to add Xtreme Theater to Grant Park
At present the Landmark 8 Cinema at Grant Park Mall is basically the same as it was under former owners Empire Theatres. That will change over the next months as Landmark refurbishes the lobby and the theatres.

It is uncertain whether they will continue to keep all eight theatres as they are adding their marquee product XTreme Theatre to their line up. The screen will be 60 by 30 and the seats will be wide recliners.

It seems unlikely that further building can take place behind Grant Park Mall. Landmark Cinemas has already built right to the back of the property line and spread out in both directions. It is my guess that they might have to cannibalize two theatres into one or sacrifice seats in their largest halls to make way for bigger screen and recliners. It remains to be seen what it will all look like.

Landmark's decision comes on the heels of their announcement of the closure of the 3 Globe Cinemas in Portage Place. Landmark also owns the Towne 8 which was renovated last year so they remain the only owner of movie theatres downtown.

The Landmark group is no small movie ownership group. The purchase of many of the Empire Theatres vaulted them to number 2 in Canada and 10th largest in North America. It seems only fitting that they keep up with Cineplex Odeon which has renovated all their theatres in the city in the last years.

Grant Park Mall has been renovating all aspects of the mall for the last three years. It is barely recognizable from when it started. Target, Shopper's and the Liquor Mart are all bigger. Safeway was just turned into a Co-Op.

In recent months Modern Taco Company and Booster Juice have opened. Modern Barber Shop opens in August and a huge chunk of office space will be occupied by Winnipeg Radiology Services.

It seems highly likely that Grant Park Mall will be completely renovated and maybe completely filled by Christmas.

Additional traffic from an exceptional theatre upgrade is practically a given.

The big question is whether Landmark will be enticed into one more theatre complex somewhere in the city.


Anonymous said...

I am very saddened to hear that renovations are being done to the seats and upgrades to special extreme seats
I never go to other cinemas because of the upgrades eg Slippery leather seats at Polo Park and the WORST Popcorn Ever
Please Do Not change the Popcorn

Anonymous said...

The extreme seats are not compatible with people who are short. One has to sit forward so their feet reach the floor. When reclined I feel like I am looking at the ceiling rather than looking square on to the screen. The width of the seats is a plus. More elbow room. That is the only plus I can find. I am very disappointed as this is the only theatre I attend.