Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Long and McQuade to be Built off Kenaston

Similar to the one in Calgary?
I cannot say for certain although it would appear that the Long and McQuade location at 651 Stafford will be no longer if plans are approved for a Kenaston and Wilkes location.

Long and McQuade presently has over 60 locations across Canada and generates nearly $300 million for the family owned business. It is one of the world's largest musical instruments, lessons and rentals business in the world.

The large store at Stafford Square right by Pembina has grown over the years. It is a rambling store over a piece of property that once dominated by Videon and VPW, the public access network. Nearly 40 employees work the Stafford location. I am uncertain of the square footage but based on the footprint, I would have thought perhaps under 20,000 square feet.

Long and McQuade founded in Toronto in 1956 has grown over the years incrementally by expanding locations or buying up music companies that were being sold in cities across the country. As so often happens, a family looking to retire from the business looks to Long and McQuade to buy them out.

 One such business was Mother's Music on Wall Street in Winnipeg. It was incorporated into the Long and McQuade family.

It looks like Long and McQuade is prepared to make a substantial multimillion design for a warehouse, showroom and offices complex near the Golf Dome on Wilkes. The design is based on a 2012 complex that McQuade built in Calgary. The overall building with be a sprawling 30,000 square feet.

Right beside Golf Dome
At the end of the line beside Kenaston
More news on this big investment for the music industry in the weeks ahead.

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