Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Misericordia Health Centre Parkade Gets Fifth Floor

Misericordia Parkade in Background
For the last few years Misericordia Health Centre has been under construction for the expansion of western Canada's largest eye specialty facility and home to the new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency Program.

Now comes news that the hospital will build a fifth floor to the parkade on Sherbrook adding 103 parking spaces.

Proposed parking expansion
The original parkade was built in 1986 with three floors of parking atop offices used by the hospital.

The 150 bed interim care and 100 personal care bed Misericordia Health Centre features Urgent Care, eye and pediatric dental surgery, the phone operations of Health Links as well as variety of other health services. It has become known in recent years as a center of excellence for eyes.

The hospital was founded in 1898 and many of the older buildings had grown to outlive their original construction.

There is presently around $45 million of construction going on at the hospital and both Maryland and Sherbrook will be transformed.

Maryland side features the eye centre
Sherbook side features new atrium and entrance
The hospital has created economic activity in and around the Sherbrook and Maryland area the last number of years. Some of the revitalization of the area is due to the hospital.

Parking has been and probably always will be an issue for any hospital, especially ones in areas with more dense population.

The chances are that adding 100 parking spaces will be a drop in the bucket. It is hard not hard to imagine a sixth floor being added as well. Moreover, further hospital activity could migrate to Woodrow Place in a few years hence if condo developers don't get there first.

In the meanwhile, I expect people desperate to park at the hospital for their needs will be happy for an additional 100 spaces in the parkade.

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