Friday, March 7, 2014

More Blogs Down

The announced ending of Slurpees and Murders and Winnipeg Cat has made for some unhappy faces.

In the last week two other long standing blogs have announced their end. Things That Need to Be Said has announced an end as well as Conceit and Sociopathy. Both have been contributors to the Winnipeg discussion in various ways over the last years.

With two more radio shows left, Internet Pundits, also comes to an end.

Oh what a glorious few years it was of commentary.

Much of the discussion has moved to Twitter but with 140 characters only, it is a short discussion and no person in their right mind will look back 24 hours over their feed from everyone for nuggets of wonderful.

There is something essential about long form commentary. It is there today, tomorrow and barring an electro magnetic pulse, there forever.

I have posts that I have done years ago that consistently get looked at. And years from now, I expect I will read something I wrote and go: Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that!

Some of the blog listings I left up for other blogs have not been updated in more than a year. I will start removing them today. In some cases material was simply deleted and there is nothing there,. In other cases, the pages have been altered to other uses.

I keep hoping for new blogs on Winnipeg. Perhaps as we get close to the civic election in October, some people will have something more to say. Perhaps as people get older and are not sleepless with children, work and other activities, they will re-acquaint themselves with long form writing.

For the moment though, I am sad.

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