Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dirty Donkey/Colour Me Rad

What are they?

Well, essentially they are private companies venturing into outdoor fitness events with the emphasis on fun.

This past summer, two companies from the U.S. came across the border after successfully introducing 5K runs in the U.S. where participants are hit with colours consisting of cornstarch over their white clothing. The colour is thrown, shot through water, cannons and squirt guns.

The East Indian community's full moon spring festival Holi is the inspiration for the colour event.

There is no timer on the five kilolmeter run. It isn't for experienced runners to show fast they are. It is often novice runners, people out for a fun outdoor event, families and friends and those looking for photo friendly activities.

And oh yes, colour runs are all about the photos. It is the quintessential social media event in that pictures will flood the Internet.

It also makes for good TV news in an increasingly negative new cycle.

The colour runs evolved from the dirtier obstacle course races that started in the western state such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Mud Hero. In Winnipeg, the races are called the The Dirty Donkey.

The mud races requires a little more fitness on the part of the participants but once again the day is about fun and there is so much mud that people are completely covered by the end.

 In an day and age of isolation and individualism, these events really crank up the fun factor, get people out of their comfort zones, encourage more outdoor activity and perhaps lifestyle changes and give the attendees a cool factor that is visually demonstrated in Internet pictures.

Often, these private events are partnered up with local charities but make no mistake, it is a business venture as only business could spread this idea so fast and to so many countries in a year.

The thing to remember with all of these events is keep your eyes and mouth closed!

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