Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Lots NOT Coming to Winnipeg

Liquidation World on Wellington by Airport
It was just a matter of time before we saw the Big Lots name in Winnipeg as Liquidation World was bought up around two years ago by the Fortune 500 giant in the the U.S.

The Calgary-based Liquidation World with two locations in Winnipeg was founded in 1986 and ran into financial difficulties in the last 2000s. As a result, the entire company was purchased around 2011 by Big Lots out of Columbia, Ohio.

Liquidation World had adopted the Big Lots formula which had worked since 1967 for the U.S. company. That formula was to take over other companies discarded locations and sell closed out and overstocked items. The problem for Canada's LW was lack of capital.

The word has it that Big Lots will be having opening in Winnipeg quite soon. They are hiring managers now and it is uncertain whether it is stand alone locations or re-branding of the the provinces four Liquidation World stores.

News of Big Lots official opening should be coming very shortly.

Edit: December 2013. The U.S. company that purchased Liquidation World and was building  Big Lots has decided to close the entire operation in Canada citing big losses due to other U.S. retailers moving into the market.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where the new store is located?

Ida said...

This is cool!