Monday, June 10, 2013

River City Sports set to Open Seasons of Tuxedo

River City Sport to locate in sport marked "grocery"
The signage is up for the three newest tenants of Seasons of Tuxedo. Structube, Fat Burger and now River City Sports have their signs up and work looks to be continuing in all.

It was reported back a few weeks ago that River City Sports was going to open a superstore at Seasons of Tuxedo and this is a very large store they are opening.  The store will be 17,000 square feet which is a substantial jump from the 3,500 square feet at their St. James Polo Park location.

River City Sports has been around since 1991 as a Winnipeg institution but it is spreading west in much the same way as old Athlete's Wear of Winnipeg once did.

A very large sports store supercenter is probably the only defence against some of the larger built stores that from Dick's and Scheel's that are opening in cities throughout the States. More on that in a post tomorrow.

McNally Robinson ensured its success when it opened a large format bookstore in Grant Park Mall.

The building of a fair sized River City Sports in Seasons of Tuxedo leaves only a few spaces in the present buildings waiting for a tenant.

The landscaping continues in the lots surrounding IKEA and Cabela's. Piles are being put down for a new building to go up. Still no obvious signs of work being done to the new Lowe's Home Improvement store.

Stay tuned for more news.


Matthew Asplin said...

Hi John, as usual, very informative post but you've got the location for River Sports all wrong. Its not going in the spot marked 'Grocery' -- that hasn't been constructed yet. The signage is up on the building now, and would suggest it is the unit beside Structube.

'Grocery' May still be 'Grocery'
Here's hoping for T&T to bust into the market! Or how about another London Drugs. Seems so wierd this city only has one.

zole said...

Sort of unrelated... is it confirmed that a GAP location is opening up in Seasons of Tuxedo??

When I was online shopping tonight on the gap website, there's a spot to see if the item is available instore. It listed Polo Park, St. Vital centre, and Seasons of Tuxedo-- 1539 Kenaston blvd. Obviously no phone # or store hours were provided.