Friday, May 24, 2013

Whole Foods Coming to Winnipeg?

Whole Foods
There had been rumours afloat for a number of months about Whole Foods accelerating their expansion plans for Canada and now it is confirmed.

The grocery store known for organic and other good foods and with legions of fans has been on a tear financially and making loads of money. It is also expanding at the rate of 30 stores a year.

The only province so far that Whole Foods has said they are looking at beyond their stores in Ontario and B.C. is in Quebec. However, the rumour mill has been fired up quite a bit in Winnipeg that Whole Foods is looking at the Polo Park area and Seasons of Tuxedo as part of their 40 stores across Canada plan.

It is not easy to find places for stores nowadays and some U.S. retailers have been looking at margins in Canada and wondering why they have not made the move to expand faster.

In the last fives years, Winnipeg has seen a rapid change in the retail landscape and will continue to see it.

Seasons of Tuxedo had on its website that a grocery store was one of the desired elements of the development. Could it be that this is where a Whole Foods will go? Or are they waiting for the second and third phase of the development on the other side of Sterling Lyon?

In any event, if the plan for Canada is 40 stores of Whole Food nation-wide, you can get bet that the rumours may not be in fact rumours.

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reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Winnipeg isn't big enough for a Whole Foods. We're only getting a Half Foods.