Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Liberal Leadership

Martha Hall-Findlay
In the Liberal leadership race, I support Marc Garneau and donated to his campaign. I admired his achievements, his ideas, his disposition and his humility. Sadly, he dropped out of the race. I understood why he did it and given the numbers of members and supporters voting, he was probably right to think he was a ways off in achieving numbers capable of achieving the lead.

Justin Trudeau leads the Liberals in signed supporters and later today probably will become the leader. The race is for second now.

 Joyce Murray is at the head of a campaign to merge the Liberals and the NDP. I think the parties are too different and do not support this at all.

I looked carefully at the remaining candidates and chose Martha Hall-Findlay as my first choice. I support her call for reforming out tax system and focusing on helping local governments. I believe her idea of looking at what the true value of the marketing boards are and how fair they are must be followed through. She has put up ideas that the NDP and the Tories have not shown as much interest in.

I realize my choice of candidate is a longshot. I don't want her ideas to be.

I expect Justin Trudeau if he becomes the leader will need the Hall-Findlays and the Garneaus to be the vanguard of new ideas for the party.

I am a centrist at heart: a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I hope the outcome of the vote will be a vision and a mission.

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