Monday, April 1, 2013

Sam Katz Denies Run for Mayor of Scottsdale - a satire

Sam Katz News Conference
At a hastily called new conference, Sam Katz denied reports that he had attended a meeting in Scottsdale over the Easter weekend to explore a run for the mayor's job in 2014. The problem is that it wasn't for the city of Winnipeg but for the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Canadian Press learned over the weekend that Katz was in high level talks with senior people of the Arizona Democratic Party and produced documents stating he had American citizenship as well as resident in the state, specifically Scottsdale. In the year 2012, CBC News revealed that Katz was the owner of a $1 million house in the tony community of Scottsdale just outside of Phoenix.

In recent weeks Mayor Katz has hinted at running ahead for the mayor's job in Winnipeg, a position he has held since 2004. However, in recent weeks unnamed sources south of the border indicated that a committee of state Democrats in Arizona were looking to recruit Katz to run for office south of the border.

Until this Easter weekend, it wasn't known that Sam Katz had obtained American citizenship in 2011 and had lived in Scottsdale enough days in 2012 to have it qualify as his primary residence. Insiders who attended the meeting say the presentation of documents satisfied their concerns prior to a fundraising effort that was to begin in June of this year.

The mayor was asked about his weekend meeting at the Winnipeg airport this morning by Canadian Press but said he was not available for comments. By late afternoon, news media had gathered outside his office to await his official comment. Eventually, Katz scrummed in an unscheduled news conference.

"It's inaccurate," Katz revealed when asked if has was running for mayor of Scottsdale. "I attend meetings all the time." He refused to answer if the meeting in Arizona was in regards to elected office there.

When asked about the report that he held dual Canadian and American residence, Katz said this: "It is a private matter and has nothing to do with my office."

"I intend to do my job as Mayor of Winnipeg," Katz said before leaving the scrum with more questions than answers.


Anonymous said...

Democratic Party for Katz!?! No way. He's Republican all the way.

ekimsharpe said...

him living in Scottsdale "enough days in 2012 to have it qualify as his primary residence" is not a personal matter.

it calls into question how he could possibly be fulfilling his duties as mayor of one city while spending so much time in another.


Unknown said...

Uh... April Fools?

Anonymous said...

you almost had me.....nice one.

jkb said...

I read this at the time and wondered why no one else was reporting on this