Monday, April 15, 2013

Justin Trudeau — Judgement — He's in way over his head.

From the Conservative YouTube website.

The attack ads begin fast.

In the past few years, the Liberals have not attacked back. This has been a reflection of how financially strapped the party has been but also how they did not heed advice on addressing the issue. A posting on YouTube doesn't cost a lot of money. However, it is likely to garner lots of extra press.

Trudeau said he would try to stay positive but I think that they have to respond and respond hard.

The Harper government loves talking points and they stick to them like glue.  They talk about experience in their ad and some of the big errors made by Trudeau. It is hard not to think of Harper's gaffes when he was new to politics.

Negative ads work. But they also makes for cynical politics and many disengage. However, this good for parties who rely on hyperpartisan support. What do they car of electoral votes drop even further when being elected is more important?

We'll see if Trudeau responds. If not, his lead in the polls right now could collapse.


reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Might as well attack the Conservatives. They shot first, and theres a lot they need to be attacked on.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things.

Trudeau is mustachioed in the CPC attack ad clip because of Movember (raising $ for prostate cancer, which his dad died from).

Also, Team Tory provides what it says is the “full context of the quotation”: “Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada because, you know, we’re Quebecers or whatever. A lot more of us are bilingual, bicultural, a lot more awareness of the rest.”

Not quite. Justin Trudeau was describing his *father’s* beliefs, not his own, as they pertained to separatists and their demands for special treatment. Here’s the entire quote:

"His philosophy, certainly as he passed it on to us, has always been Quebeckers are better than the rest of Canada because we’re Quebeckers or whatever — I mean, this idea that a lot more of us are bilingual, bi-cultural. There’s a lot more awareness of the rest and that’s a richness. Who’s to say that we should need special protection or special deals or special allowances that make us protected?"

Is Trudeau’s record really so devoid of gaffes that they need to make ones up?