Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Change Politics Forever Part 1

How to change politics forever

Start with a simple idea


Think more

Drink Coffee

Stop thinking, start doing

Hatch a Design

Kill the design

More coffee

Design something totally original

Okay, not that original

This original

Now it's time to make something

Do it again!

And again!

That's good

Kick out the committees

Call in the pollsters

Call in the political guys

Call in the nerds

Not those nerds

Those nerds

Blow off lunch

Blow off dinner

Blow off weekends


Okay, that's enough sleeping

More coffee


unclebob said...

Do you really think that red Liberal corpse is worth the trouble of multiple transplants, buckets of drugs, decades of rehabilitation and infinite trips back to emergency for relapses?

John Dobbin said...

When the alternative is a two party wait....a one party system as we see in some provinces....yes.